About us

About us

Our vision

At Soccerquote, we believe that knowledge of football matches, player statistics and action on the field are not only for professionals, coaches or even scouts. We know that every football fan has its own favorite team and players, that is as valuable as full-time job sports professionals.

Like fantasy games, we want you to get the power. You decide with which player you want to challenge yourself with and draught your own game.

We want everyone to take advantage of their knowledge, challenge their experience and reward their skills.

Our Value Proposition

Have you ever watched a football match and said: “I knew he was about to do that !”? Now, you can challenge your skills by using our platform. We are aware that you know everything about your favorite players and that you can trust your gut.

Soccerquote created for you, the unique platform where you can challenge your skills in real time and get rewarded for your own knowledge!

Let’s smash the game!

Our background

We are a bunch of football fans that had this simple thought: how to prove to your friend that you’re right? How can I value my knowledge?
That is how Soccerquote was born in 2019.

Soccerquote is an independent company, whose primary goal is to allow football fans to challenge themselves in real-time and have a great experience.
We wanted something different from what our competitors are doing. Yes, we wanted something simple!

Soccerquote uses the most reliable feed that was created by industry experts who have a passion for the game and that gathers and analyses every titbit of information on a football player.

The team

As software developers for 10+ years, product managers in CRM platform and skill games aficionados we gathered our skills to build Soccerquote. The Soccerquote team is also comprised of mathematicians and statistical analysts with a passion for the game.