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Dividing the game into the 4 phases makes breaking down team tactics much easier. What actions do we need at the various phases to make accurate predictions? Type of passing, type of runs, how is the team opening up space in the opponents half, when and who are countering the team etc.

Furthermore, by breaking football down to the 4 phases it simplifies the way you analyze your team, opponent or a particular game of choice. It is easy to say that in today's game attacking was poor or defending was lacking concentration but do we really know what exactly didn't work?

Transition Phase

Transition is the phase between regaining possession and moving it away from pressure or establishing possession through passing against an opponent.

  • Teams are looking to establish control of the ball for various periods of time.
  • Transitions start in open play when an opponent loses possession of the ball.
  • Do note that not all transitions are successful.

A team is in transition until either a pass is completed that is over a given threshold in the pass completion tracking or a player is in possession of the ball for a certain amount of time. Every team has a player or players that serve the purpose of transition play either to regain possession, distribute possession or both.

If we take Chelsea as an example Kante is a perfect example of a player that will regain possession and be a key player in the midfield, Jorginho for example would serve more as a playmaker after regaining possession and redistributing the ball into the next phase. To clarify a playmaker is a player who receives a pass from one phase (Transition) and takes the team into the next phase building up play. In this example, Jorginho is rewarded with a transition by receiving passes from players such as (Kante) who are currently in transition (Regaining possession).

Now that we clarified the transition phase, it is important to point out key players in each team that play the role of a playmaker or are a key player in the transition phase. The key is to pick out a player that receives the ball most regularly in defensive half per 90 minutes, this is one of the key options when it comes to placing predictions and picking the player that moves the team out of transition and into their next phase of play, these kind of player tend to see a lot of the ball therefore are worthy to analyse before placing predictions.

Build up Play Phase

Teams play the ball from inside their own half and move the ball into midfield, either through the centre or the wings.

  • Controlled possession in a team’s own half.
  • The phase ends when the ball passes over the halfway line into the opponents half.
  • This phase is usually based on the team’s tactical objectives and their preferred style of play, so it's important to analyse the team prior to kick off.

By analysing how long a team spends in each phase as a proportion of all of their phases provides an understanding of their style when it comes to building up play. Some of the most attacking teams look to possess the ball in the midfield and look to form attacks from there.

Penetrating opponents

Teams looking to penetrate opponents in the final third by exposing their defence this could be done through direct play long or short.

  • In this phase, teams are trying to attack the opponents box and create chances.
  • Teams can reach the attacking phase through various paths, middle or wings.
  • A team can move in and out of the attacking phase.
  • Long direct plays are usually done as an attempt by the team in possession to gain territory quickly, usually looking for a target man.

Penetrating phase takes into account all events that meet the criteria of the established possession phase but are just within the opponent’s final third. Penetrating opponents are attempts by a team to hit the ball long or short either to the feet or head of an attacking player, or into space behind an opponent’s defensive line. That leads to the next and final phase, Finishing Scoring. Keep an eye on the midfield players who are orchestrating the attack.

Finishing (Scoring)

This phase is all about scoring and finishing through created chances. Strikers and wingers will tend to shift into spaces behind defenders and try to create shooting opportunities or one on ones, this can also open up spaces for midfielders to score from open play. Look for strikers with good conversion rate and players that create these scoring chances. The more attacking the team the more scoring chances they will create.


SoccerQuote prediction tips

Thanks to live football, you can place a prediction even after the kickoff. By watching the game live you can see who is doing well and is likely to create a chance or score you can place a prediction on that player and come out a winner.


Throughout a football match there are phases when one team can dominate possession, score a goal early or even concedes a goal early. You can use each phase to your advantage by selecting a player to perform better in the circumstance. For example, if Barcelona are losing at half time, it is very likely Messi will find a way to assist or score in the second half it would be a low risk trade by selecting Messi to increase performance.


Super Substitute

Place a prediction on a super sub, there is always a player that comes off the bench and makes an instant impact after the 60th minute, does your team have that player? Keep your eye on the game and impact substitutes that can change the outcome of the game and your prediction, use your knowledge and gut feeling.


Last Minute goals

Predict players to score in the last 5 minutes when a team is chasing a goal, over the season we have seen this happen more and more. Last minute goals and come backs are one of the biggest thrills in football especially when it's your team or favorite player scoring. Watch the game carefully predict for a player to rise up to the occasion and score that last-minute goal.

Last Minute


Try Avoiding placing predictions on players with poor discipline that take on too many bookings Sergio Ramos surely comes to mind; he can be a last-minute savior but can also cost you and your placed predictions, however you can always place a prediction on such players to underperform especially in a derby such as El Classico.


Solid Defense and Goalkeepers

Does your team have good defense and a keeper that can keep a clean sheet? Of are there teams you're following that are solid at the back. Use your knowledge to your advantage and place prediction on keepers that are in good form or have a solid defense protecting them. Take Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk as an example solid at the back and can score an occasional goal that can gain you a winning prediction, or a solid goalkeeper that is consistent such as Jan Oblak. Keep an eye on teams with solid defense line and use it to your advantage.


Set Pieces

Several teams have set piece masters! Place your predictions on players responsible for taking penalties and free kicks, use your knowledge and place your predictions on top set piece takers. There are plenty of dead ball specialists be it with taking free kicks or penalties. Use such players to your advantage as they accumulate set piece conversions throughout the season, especially useful when playing teams with a poor discipline record.

Set Pieces

Team and Individual stats

Some teams are good as a unit some are heavily dependent on one or two players to make an impact, check live data to see who is currently creating most influence in each team. A good indicator would be assists per game, goals average, successful pass completion and various other individual data, that can help you in making calculated predictions. Team data can also be used such as home and away record, average goals conceded or scored. Use live data to your advantage and place on players or teams that are currently in a hot run of form and convert your predictions in to wins.


Home advantage

Home advantage is a good indicator for some players to perform better than on the road, do your homework and use your knowledge and find your ultimate performers during the current season. Some teams do exceptionally well during home games it might be due to the fans or stand out players who use the atmosphere to stand out do you know such players?

home advantage

Emerging Talent

Every season we see younger players come out and make a name for themselves, do you know a hidden gem that can perform when it counts? Use your deep football knowledge and predict the future star of football.

Emerging Talent

Do your Homework

Be sure to check pre match line-ups and formations, more attacking formations and can favor some players that can lead to enhanced performance, be prepared before making predictions. Some players have a tendency to score against certain opposition, or player might be missing through injury or suspension, this can lead to surprise outcomes, so do your homework.

Do your Homework