What is soccerquote

What is SoccerquoteTM?

Ever thought of putting your knowledge about the world of football to the test? If the answer is yes, then get ready to have some fun coming your way!

Soccerquote is an innovative platform that uses real-time monitoring of a football player’s value and lets you decide how a player will perform during the course of a match.

We use the public value/price of a player and several parameters to create an index that will make the value vary as per his performance on the pitch to make it more accurate over time.

Then, it’s your turn to use your knowledge in order to predict the outcome to win games and make a name for yourself.

You can follow your favorite players, analyze their past performances, monitor their live value, and then use your cognitive expertise to work on future outcomes.

The principle is easy: you use your knowledge! The outcome is determined by your judgement, skill, or acquired experience rather than by chance.